Please read your Reservation request form for Plan B before using this website. Plan A is the Plan you were offered by the merchant that you received your reservation form from. In order to take advantage of your Plan A offer, you must read the terms and conditions printed on that form and mail the form to our office with your travel dates. If you have already registered your Plan A form, by mailing it to our office, you may submit or confirm Plan A dates by clicking the Plan A link above 

Because our prices for Plan B are lower than other travel websites used by the general public, we cannot list the Plan B hotel prices on this website as it can be viewed by the general public. If you wish to use your Plan B offer simply click on a destination city above. If you are interested in getting the Plan B price for a particular hotel that you see, simply fill out the form on the request a hotel rate link on the top of this page. If you would like to purchase a membership to our private website where we guarantee you can book thousands of hotels at a price upto 60% off the best price you can find elsewhere, check out our New Plan C offer. You may purchase a membership that will give you your own login at our Travel Saver membership only website, which lists all prices on thousands of hotels in 4500 destinations. 

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