To order Plan C be sure to have your Travel Saver Reservation Forms MC number handy, to check out enter your MC # where is asks for the compliments of. 

Plan B

1. Can be used at participating hotels for a discounted room rate. 

2. Can be used 365 days a year with no blackout dates. 

3. Can be used before or after the Plan A offer is used.

Plan A

1. Can be used just one time per year per household.

2. Must be booked at least 60 days in advance and pay $15 per night to cover all room taxes.

3. Must give the hotels 2 arrival dates as per the terms and conditions for 100% guaranteed confirmation.

All 3 Plans explained below for 2015 Travel Saver, Inc. customers

Starting in 1993 Travel Saver contracted with 145 hotels in 20 domestic resort cities to book customers into participating hotels by paying a small fee to cover the cost of all room taxes. (less than $15 per night called Plan A). More than 30,000 businesses in the US used Travel Saver vacation certificates to give to their customers as an incentive offer.

In 2002 Travel Saver added a Plan B which then allowed all Travel Saver, Inc. customers to return to the same hotel at a later date at a rate that was lower than booking directly with the hotel. In 2002 Travel Saver, Inc. traveled over 20,000 customers on the Plan A and Plan B program.

In 2008 Travel Saver extended the Plan B discounted rate to allow customers to book discounted reservations at all participating hotels rather than just the hotel they stayed at on the Plan A offer. Travel Saver, Inc had more than 400 hotels under contract in 2008.

In 2015 Travel Saver, Inc added a Plan C for all customers with a Travel Saver, Inc. reservation form. Plan C opened up an even better discounted rate at thousands of hotels all over the world. Travel Saver, Inc. gets the lowest rates possible as we do not charge the hotels any commissions as all other travel sites do. That 20 to 60% savings is then passed along to our members allowing them to save hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the number of nights booked at hotels in any year. 

Plan C is a 12 month $50 travel membership offer for the lowest hotel rates anywhere.

Plan C

1. A $50 yearly membership program where Travel Saver, Inc. customers will have access to over 60,000 hotels across 4,500 destinations at a discounted price even lower than the Plan B hotel rates. Rates are displayed for comparison for what you will find on other booking sites to see your savings per night.

2. Membership can be used 365 days a year with no blackout dates. 

3. Membership allows access to a membership only booking portal where prices are guaranteed to be lower than found on other travel sites by as much as 60%. Many 5 star properties are discounted even more.

4. All reservations are booked directly through the membership portal with immediate confirmation.

5. Membership access may be shared with family and friends for the 12 month period.

6. In order to prove that our membership prices will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year, we will offer a free live test to compare our prices. Simply open our booking site and check our prices at the same hotel for the same nights with any other website that books travel on the Internet.

Just call for a demo password and username for access to the Travel Saver, Inc. membership site.