Plan P Submit Date Reservations Request

If you have mailed in your Plan P Reservation Request form without arrival dates, you may submit your two arrival dates below. If you have mailed in your Plan P form and your dates did not comply with the terms and conditions of the Plan P offer and you received a notice in the mail from our office concerning your invalid dates, you may submit two new dates below. 

If you have NOT mailed in your form with the required fee, you cannot submit dates on this website.  You MUST mail your reservation form into our office and it must be received by us PRIOR to using the form below. Or click home then point to Plan P in the main menu and click Register to Register online.

By submitting this form, I'm submitting my two choices for arrival dates booked under the Plan P Reservation terms & conditions.

Maximum number of people allowed per room is four (4). Additional fees are required for more than two adults occupying one hotel room. Only one (1) Plan P is permitted per family/household in any 12 month period.